SouPremium.XYZ System

IPTV technology, which enables the traffic of data, voice, image and television signals through networks based on the IP protocol, emerged from the needs found amidst the uncontrollable technological advances and the rapid changes that exist in an increasingly digital world in which the technologies undergo constant updates.

In IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) signals are compressed, encoded and encapsulated over the IP protocol, using the UDP/RTP protocol through a network infrastructure. Unlike conventional TV systems where the signal is received by antenna or cable, in this Digital TV over IP transmission system, the signal is received over the internet, and decoded in the set-top-box (STB) before be played back on the TV.

Counting on:
+8,500 International Channels
+34,500 Movies
+130,000 Episodes in +5,100 Series

We present the system SouPremium.XYZ

Go now to and see for yourself.

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